Asia-Pacific SWTOR Players: Post Your Ping

The local servers are live and from hanging out in general chat on the PvE server Dalborra, the bulk of people are more than happy with their ping times compared to US servers.

Although ping times can be impacted by dozens of different things, I thought it’d still be interesting to get people to post their ping times, particularly those outside of NSW/Victoria in Australia.

We’d particularly love to hear from any Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesian, Japanese or Malaysian players on whether the Asia-Pacific servers are any better for you. Please post your ping and geographical location in comments!

  • Darc

    45ms in coffs harbour and loving it, 280 on US I can’t wait for Xfers

    • Qmidget

      10-20 Sydney ADSL2+

  • Perrin

    Brisbane – ~55ms on all 3 servers through Internode

  • Timothy Mark Gow

    30-50 range, Canberra

  • Kenneth Barsen’thor Clark

    30 ping  100KM north of Brisbane

  • Nuetynuet

    25-30ms (Brisbane – Iinet)

  • Bradster

    19 from Sydney

  • p2k

    78ms, Perth (iiNet)

  • Daz

    7ms-20ms. Sydney (Telstra Cable)

  • Tim Buchalka

    30-44 ms, Telstra cable-Adelaide

    • Weevah


  • Rick Duff

    120ms Perth, Vivid Wireless.

    It appears if you are on the Telstra Backbone, you will be getting the fastest pings due to the minimum amount of Hops.


  • Sam

    34 optus cable ipswich qld

  • John

    97 – 118 ms , Christchurch NZ

  • Dorman

    usually ms has been cut to 1/4 of what we had
    from my guild we had ms as low as 10 but other were up to 80
    still a massive difference compared to the US based ms we were getting

    its nice seeing the animation hit that little quicker esp in pvp

  • Rob1003

    50 – 78 ms.
    The server is great but in some ways that heightens the pain of their newest kicker.
    Coupled with the server launch we were informed that an email would be sent to qualifying people a few days later outlining server transfer information. I took this as meaning that when we got the email we could then get the process started.
    The sad part is now I’ve just noticed the info about the new server launch on the SWTOR website has one of the most discouraging sentences I have seen so far:

    “Qualified players in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or Singapore, will be offered one-time free character transfers to Asia Pacific servers for a limited time period in late April. No specific date has been confirmed at this time.”

    Late April! I don’t want to play on the US servers now after experiencing the response from the Oceanic Server so now will be forced to either keep playing as I did or start some new alts as I don’t really consider re-rolling to be an acceptable and viable option.

  • Del

    10 – 30 ms – Telstra Cable, Sydney

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  • Kaervek

    ~60 ms – ADSL Portland VIC

  • Glorion

    10-20 ms Sydney

  • Thexder

    48-60ms – Adelaide with Adam Internet

  • West

    I get about 200-250ms from Tokyo

  • Flame

    Just tried Dalborra… getting 230-330ms to Hobart (Netspace). :(

    • Warhammer

      Dalborra  50-75ms ADSL1 NW coast of tassie netspace

  • Hae

    99-120ms Perth iinet.

  • Richard Reid Gregg

    It’s bouncing around a bit, but anywhere from 40-80ms from Hobart (Internode)

  • Roan

    Shanghai 180ms

  • Josh

    60-440ms random spiking from Hobart :(
    Telstra ADSL2

  • Will

    40ms. ADSL2+ in Brisbane

  • Nathaniel

    From Christchurch and on Vodafone, haven’t tried it yet(forgot it was launching today >.<) but my 2 brothers, who are on Taiwan and Philippines respectively, they were getting an average of 400+ms and 700+ms, respectively. They both have good connections, so not sure why this is. On average, we get about an average of 200ms on the shadowlands server, an East Coast(that's from NZ, Taiwan and the Philippine) server. Are Aussies the ones getting good MS? There's only one other from Southeast Asia I think that's posted their MS here, and it's in the 100's wait, Shanghai is in North East…still, Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific…

    • Matt

      South East Asian ISP’s are routing to LA>Sydney almost doubling the ping response time. You need to contact their network admins to reroute traffic for SWTOR via the Sydney>Perth international link which should reduce the latency by quite a lot. Probably looking at 100-200ms from SEA.

      • Matt

        Should be Singapore>Perth international link*

  • vince

    i haventhad the time to play yet but howmany people are on the server Dalborra and isthere a waitin time?

  • Kate DiBella

    I was getting ~30-60ms last night on Internode ADSL2+ from Melbourne (on poor ‘light’ Gav Daragon).  Never got below around 120ms on US West servers (Vrook Lamar), so I am very happy.  Didn’t realise just how bad it was, until I got to see the cutscenes right after talking to the relevant NPCs…and not missing any bits!  Dalborra seems the only one to have a waiting time, both last night and right now.  Nowhere near as long as some of the early-access ones back in December, though (<5mins instead of 30+ mins).

  • Aagogo

    10-30ms Sydney – ISP is TPG

  • Roonerspism

    20-30 ms.
    Melbourne, Telstra 100 Mbps cable.
    Typcailly get about 180 to 200 on Wound in the Force US West Coast server.

  • Matsky

    Sitting comfortably on 80ms on an ADSL1 connection south of Perth, WA.

  • Atarcus

    Average of 30ms, Western Sydney (via a Telstra exchange)

  • David Koch

    38-46ms in Boronia (Melbourne)

  • Nickw

    between 40-60 Rocklea (Brisbane) QLD with Internode.

  • Nickw

    between 40-60 Rocklea (Brisbane) QLD with Internode.

  • Mike Conway

    60-85 IInet ADSL2+ Perth WA

  • Jase

    40-60 Wollongong, NSW (TPG)

  • Magmaros

    30-50 – Sydney

  • Alex Johnston

    What ”
    Rob1003″ said

  • Marceline

    30-70 ms in Malvern, Melbourne.

    Anyone know what effect the NBN will have on the ping in other locations around Australia?

  • Kod3n87

    350-500 ms Singapore.

    For US west coast servers i am getting 140 – 249

  • Danielwinoto

    Indonesia 390-450

  • razor053

    I usually sit at 72-120 on dalborra…….tried harbinger last night….wasnt impressed with the 330-400 ping i was getting.

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