World of Warcraft Maps: Shattrath

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Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Terrace of Light Nil Portal Trainer (Iorioa)
  (East)   Portal: Exodar
      Portal: Silvermoon City
B Terrace of Light Nil Portal: Thunder Bluff
  (South)   Portal: Ogrimmar
      Portal: Undercity
C Terrace of Light Sha’tari Quartermaster (Almaador) Portal: Isle of Quel’Danas
  (West) Jewelcrafting Supplies (Ontuvo)  
    Weapons and Armorsmith (Anwehu)  
D Terrace of Light   Portal: Stormwind
  (North)   Portal: Darnassus
      Portal: Ironforge
E Terrace of Light Sha’tari Recruitment Officer (Yuula)  
  (Outer East) Flightmaster (Nutral)  
F Bank (Aldor) Aldor Quartermaster (Endarin)  
    Aldor Inscriptions (Saalyn)  
    Aldor Apothecary (Haldor the Compulsive)  
    Banker and Guild Vault  
G Bank (Scryers) Scryers Quartermaster (Enuril)  
    Scryers Inscriptions (Veredis)  
    Scryers Apothecary (Xorith)  
    Banker and Guild Vault  
H The Seer’s Library Keeper of Sha’Tari Artifacts (Arodis Sunblade) Enchanting (Volali) (U)
    Keeper of Sha’Tari Heirlooms (Veynna Dawnstar) Master Enchanting (Bardolan) (U)
I Scryer’s Tier Wine Vendor (Alamaro)  
  (Rear) Reagents Vendor (Amshesha Stilldark)  
    Enchanting Supplies (Yurial Soulwater)  
J Scryer’s Tier Dagger Vendor (Mahir Redstroke)  
  (East) Fence – Gem vendor (Lisrythe Bloodwatch)  
    Innkeeper Haelthol  
    Stablemaster (Ilthuril)  
    Trade Goods (Trader Endernor)  
K Scryer’s Tier   Master Inscription (Lanloer)
  (Shattrath East)   Master Enchanting (Andiala)
      Master Jewelcrafting (K. Silvermane)
      Master Mining (Hanlir)
L Scryer’s Tier General Goods (Nalama)  
  (Inner East) Staff Vendor (Urumir Stavebright)  
M Scryer’s Tier Wand Vendir (Quelama Lightblade)  
  (Inner West) Sword Vendor (Selanam the Blade)  
N Scryer’s Tier   Master Herbalism (Botanist Alaenra)
  (West)   Master Alchemy (Aelthin)
O Scryer’s Tier Specialty Ammunition Vendor (Archer Delvinar) Master Leatherworking (Daenril)
  (Shattrath West)   Master Tailoring (Miralisse)
      Master Skinning (Irduil)
      Master Blacksmithing (Barien)
      Master Engineering (Engineer Sinbei)
P Aldor Rise Engineering Supplies (Technician Halmaha)  
  (South) Stable Master (Oruhu)  
    Food and Drink Vendor (Garul)  
    Innkeeper (Minalei)  
Q Aldor Rise   Master Inscription (Recorder Lidio)
  (Shattrath South)   Master Enchanting (Zurii)
      Master Jewelcrafting (Nemiha)
      Master Mining (Fono)
R Shrine of Keeper of Sha’Tari Artifacts (Asuur)  
  Unending Light Keeper of Sha’Tari Heirlooms (Kelara)  
S Aldor Rise Staff Vendor (Ahemen) Master Jewelcrafting (Hamanar)
  (North) Jewelcrafting Supplies Vendor (Inessera)  
T Aldor Rise Specialty Ammunition Vendor (Marksman Bova) Master Herbalism (Jijia)
  (Shattrath North)   Master Alchemy (Alchemist Kanhu)
      Master Leatherworking (Korim)
      Master Tailoring (Weaver Aoa)
      Master Skinning (Dremm)
      Master Blacksmithing (Onodo)
      Master Engineering (Technician Mihila)
U Lower City (West) “Dirty” Larry  
V Lower City Alchemy Supplies (Skreah) – first level Master Alchemy (Lorokeem)
  (‘Treehouse 1′) Poison Supplied (Karokka) – top level  
W Lower City West Blade Merchant (Lissaf)  
  (‘Treehouse 2′)    
X Lower City (North) Fish Merchant (Oloraak)  
Y Lower City (East) Wind Trader Lathrai  
Z World’s End Tavern Haris Pilton – ‘Socialite’ Rogue Academy Proprietor
    Bartender and Barmaid (Lonika Stillblade)
2 Lower City   Armorsmith Trainer (Zula Slagfury)
  (Inner East)   Weaponsmith Trainer (K. Grimblade)
3 Lower City Arena Battlemaster (Kixi the Shiv)  
  (South East) Arena Battlemaster (‘Backstab’ Bindo Gearbomb)  
4 Lower City Horde Battlemasters  
  (Inner South East) (all battlegrounds)  
5 Lower City Trade Goods (Ernie Packwell) Master Leatherworking (Damari)
  (South) Leatherworking Supplies (Cro Threadstrong) Cook (Jack Trapper)
    Spellfire Specialist (Gidge Spellweaver) Master Skinning (Seymour)
    Mooncloth Specialist (Nasmara Moonsong)  
    Specialty Tailoring Supplies (Eiin)  
    Amazing Amulets (Griftah)  
    Engineering Supplies (Viggz Shinesparked)  
    Reagents (Fantei)  
    Blacksmithing Supplies (Aaron Hollman)  
    Fruit Seller (Granny Smith)  
    Enchanting Supplies (Madame Ruby)  
    Cooking Supplies (Jim Saltit)  
    Lower City Quartermaster (Nakodu)  
    Bread Merchant (Muffin Man Moser)  
    Meat Vendor (Brendan Turner)  
    General Goods (Eral)


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