Flash Point 42: The Secret World / Joel Bylos Interview Special Edition

The Secret World Joel Bylos InterviewThis is a special edition devoted to our interview with The Secret World‘s Game Director, Joel Bylos. Episode 43 will be live tomorrow if TSW isn’t your thing, although it’s worth hearing a senior MMO designer’s ideas all the same. If you are into TSW then you’re in for a treat as Joel covers a lot of areas of the game and gives some hints on the future of the game. A big thanks to Joel for taking some of his valuable Sunday morning at a park with his family to speak to us.

Points of discussion:

- Joel’s journey from Australia to being game director at Funcom
- What being Game Director involves
- Question from The Angry Postman: promoting TSW outside the Alternate Reality Game niche
- Transparency of Funcom/TSW with the struggles over recent months
- Question from Ed Goldstein: scaling between zones
- Question from Belladawna: Does the new position mean Joel can outdrink Ragnar?
- Question from Belladawna: Plans for an official hi-res model viewer?
- Question from Hyperjumpgrandmaster: Making PvP more meaningful, open world PvP an option?
- Question from Voodoo Shark: plans for streamlining skills and mechanics?
- Question from Voodoo Shark: ongoing free trial offers?
- Any other teasers willing to be disclosed? (Yes – including a heavy hint on Issue #4′s auxiliary weapon)
- The impact of layoffs on the team and optimism for the future and bringing some people back
- Can the output of issues be maintained?
- Ability to change body-shape in the future?
- Lessons learnt from Age of Conan?
- Lessons learnt from other MMOs?
- Rift doing panda charity donations (and a lame joke from the host on funding a different type of panda)
- Comparing TSW, GW2 and WoW combat
- What’s a measure of success for TSW over the coming year?

Post your thoughts on the interview below – we’ll have a summary of Joel’s responses posted in 24 hours or so but nothing beats listening to the full thing – enjoy.

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